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"Everyone except external users" - no results found

Until recently, I was able to grant access to all authenticated users in my tenant through the Everyone except external users role. This morning, I get a No results found message. Anything changed ...
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Prevent some internal users from accessing sharepoint sites even if they are inside the "Everyone except external users"

We usually grant "Everyone except external user" read access to almost all SharePoint sites/.. and today we got a request from our customer that certain users which are defined inside the &...
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fetch all places (lists/libraries/items) where permissions are given to 'Everyone' group

I am working on office 365 SharePoint site. I want to fetch all lists/libraries/items where permissions are given to Everyone group across SharePoint site using CSOM. Web web = context.Web; var ...
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Add "Everyone except external users" to sharepoint visitors group using powershell CSOM

I want to add Everyone except external users group to SharePoint visitors group using powershell CSOM. I googled it but didnt find correct script. Can anyone help me in this? Please respond ASAP....
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