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SharePoint 2013 Evaluation Site Not Getting Created

We are in the process of upgrading from 2010 to 2013 (little behind I know) and are having a bit of trouble with the evaluation site process. I already resolved the overly long URLs issue, but now ...
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"eval is evil()" - But can it be a way around some of the limitations of Minimal Download Strategy?

The process of getting custom JavaScript to work with Minimal Download Strategy is quite cumbersome and especially in the prototyping phase I like to write my (smaller) scripts inline in a Content or ...
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SharePoint 2013 Convert Evaluation/Trial Version to Productive Version

It is possible to convert a SharePoint 2013 Evaluation (180 days) Version to a Productive Version? (Changing the Product Key)
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SPWorkflow.Tasks is empty when not in debug

I'm facing strange problem. I have following code to get last item workflow and its task item. var wfCol = item.Workflows; if ((wfCol == null) || (wfCol.Count == 0)) return null; var wfItem = ...
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Using replace with an Eval in the Master Page

I am trying to replace all the spaces in my title to use as an ID, but I keep getting this error: error CS0103: The name 'Replace' does not exist in the current context The code I am using is this: ...
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SharePoint Server 2010 Evaluation license expired

I am running a local development instance of SP Server in a VM. Is there any way to renew the eval license?
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Dynamic content based on Eval() returning null

I have an SPGridView with a list as its source. I currently have it sorting first by published date, or if that is null, by modified date. The problem is that on the list view I need to put Posted on ...
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SharePoint 2010 VHD for VMWare

Is there an evaluation VHD that can be used for VMWare, as opposed to Hyper-V? This package appears to be targeted to Hyper-V. Is it usable for VMWare as well?
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