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A default generic error page that is displayed when no other custom error conditions are met.

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An unexpected error has occured

Can any one tell me how to customize the below error message. By default we will get the below snapshot if we get unknown error. Is that possible to customize the below ?
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"YSOD" Stack Trace Shown in Synchronous Event Receivers, instead of SharePoint Custom Error Page

Original Title: <nativehr>0x81020089</nativehr> in ItemUpdating (i.e. Synchronous) Event Receiver Edited Question: In the past when you created an item-based, synchronous event ...
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how does /_layouts/1033/error.htm work?

I am stuck and need someone who knows sharepoint indepth! EDIT This is not, not for other errors like 404, 403 ect, this error is somthing else! it only shows when you have a blocked file type in ...
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which is the best way to create a custom error page in sharepoint ?

Which is the best way to create a custom error page in SharePoint ?
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