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SharePoint 2013 Column Returning as "Null" rather than Double

The below list contains columns which are simply years (set to contain 0 decimal points). The current columns are 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. In use, the end user selects a date on a calendar ...
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Cascading Dropdown in SharePoint Library

I know how to implement cascading dropdowns in a sharepoint list. However, I am having difficulty with my library. Should I add this code to Upload.aspx form or the Editform.aspx?
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Picture library filter by enterprise keyword

I've set up a SharePoint picture library to share within my company. I've added "enterprise keywords" to the pictures in order to find them in the total overview of all pictures. this all works quite ...
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What's the best way to get all search results for a content type - with a caveat

Environment? SharePoint 2013 Enterprise on-prem What can I do? Everything from client side to full trusted farm solutions. Business requirement? List the (metadata) of all files of a particular ...
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Hiding "All Site Content" for specific user groups in SharePoint 2010

I'm new to SharePoint and my company is running SharePoint 2010 Enterprise. I've taken over this system. One requirement is to hide the "All Site Content" for certain user groups. I have some ...
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SharePoint 2013 Global Navigation

Is managed metadata global navigation (pinning terms) in SharePoint 2013 a enterprise feature? Does it require an enterprise license?
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Is Enterprise Search Center an Enterprise Feature?

I need to implement an enterprise search center for a customer, but the customer doesn't have SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Edition. Is the Enterprise Search Center available within all SharePoint 2013 ...
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Activate a new license key

We are running SharePoint 2013 with MSDN Subscription(Enterprise Version) and we want to change it to full Enterprise.Is it possible to update the Product Key from MSDN Enterprise to Enterprise? I ...
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SharePoint Workflow: Standard vs Enterprise

I've started at a new company recently and I've heard some people from other business units say that one of the reasons they chose Enterprise license CALs over Standard is "you can do more with ...
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How to update item properties for an existing document found by search with CSOM?

You don't know which library it resides in, nor site, nor site collection. The only entry point is the search center URL or _api/Search endpoint. The problem is that when you retrieve the File it is ...
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Lookup calculated field from a choice field in a document repository

I have a SharePoint 2013 list that contains a choice field [Released to User]. What I would like to do is use that field to filter documents in a document repository i.e. show me documents released to ...
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Is there a way to crawl only a specific list within one site collection?

We have: - one specific List that needs to be indexed every 10 minutes http://site/lists/Invoices - several archived lists: http://site/lists/archved1, http://site/lists/archved2, etc that ...
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