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Questions tagged [enforce-uniquevalue]

Set enforce Unique value property on SharePoint list columns to save unique values in list based on that column values.

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Enforce unique values across list row

I have a list where we track an employees performance by awarding badges. I have 1 column for employee name and 4 choice columns, each including the 4 available badges. How can I prevent the same ...
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"Enforce Unique values" will it works when the list get larger?

I have an Asset list, and I want to enforce unique values on the built-in Title field at the list level, but I have a question if this enforcement has any limitation when the list gets larger? or it ...
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Allow for a date to only be used a certain amount of times

We have a date column that we want to only dates to only be used a certain amount of times. I know there's a way to enforce unique values, it this would be 5 entries with the same date and after that ...
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Validation rule based on 2-column combinaton OR calculated column

I haven't found any definitive answers to my particular dilemma - here's what I've got: I need to enforce a rule in order to prevent any one user to sign up for a class (which is one list) twice. ...
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SharePont 2016: How to make "Creator" column UNIQUE

I want to enforce unique values for "Created by" column. the "Created By" column unique. When I have to add a new element and an item really exist in the same "Created By" list - it shows an error ...
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