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1 answer

Name of 3 dots button

I am trying to get the official name for the 3 dots horizontal and 3 dots vertical buttons in SharePoint. What I have come up with at the end is Ellipsis for the horizontal three dots and Kabob or ant ...
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2 answers

Sequence of ellipse menu items in SharePoint Online

I was wondering if it is possible to changes sequence of ellipse menu items. In document library, currently when I click on 3 dots icon (as show in image), this shows me popup menu. Current sequence ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to remove or hide certain parts out of a Contact List

Dear Experts, I have a contact list and there are certain parts that I would like to have removed or hidden. I have put a picture as attach. Its the checkbox and de 3 dots. How can I remove or hide ...
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