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Add / update / delete object in SharePoint

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How to add delete button at bottom instead of Cancel in SharePoint List?

I am trying to add delete button instead of cancel in a SharePoint Online Survey list. working on small customization of survey list.
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Is it possible to use a flow to move an item from an active list to archive list based on values in certain fields and then...?

Good afternoon everyone, I have 2 SP Lists, The first is the Active List, within this list (several columns) i have one column "Status" that is a choice [New, Assigned, CM Active, Completed] ...
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How do I remove a blank checkbox option for a multiple choice column?

How do I remove a blank checkbox option for a multiple choice column type that allows multiple items to be selected? I am using SP Online. I created a list, with a multiple choice column type, with 3 ...
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SharePoint custom permissions Check in/Check out issue

I have a SharePoint 2013 site, which has no versioning set on the specific document library. I have a custom permission level, which does not allow users to ‘Delete items’. This works great until you ...
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Delete Items After List View Threshold Breached

So I was doing a migration the other day, and due to poor planning on my part a situation has now arisen where certain subfolders (each subfolder relates to a single property) now contain over 5000 ...
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