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Default page when opening SharePoint Online from Teams

When selecting "Open in SharePoint" from the menu in the top right corner of a Team (shown below), is there anyway to change what page on SharePoint is linked? It defaults to Documents > ...
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How to make "Edit Links" visible again

As part of our Sharepoint rebranding project, the 3rd party which was doing our template changes, made the edit link option invisible . Now as the site collection admin I am wondering how am I going ...
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SharePoint 2016 Top Navigation Edit Links not working@

I am using SP 2016, When I add any subsite it gets added to the top nav and its pages gets added underneath the site. eg. Subsite 1 - Page-1 - Page-2 - Page-3 - Page-4 When I go to Top Navigation, ...
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How to Edit Customized Banner Links

I inherited this site from a different team and am now being asked to make several changes. I need to edit the links on the top thin blue banner (see screenshot) which is obviously a customization, ...
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missing edit links in sharepoint site

I can't find edit links for the top and left menu in shareppoint site! How to get edit links back? Any insight, Thanks
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"Edit Links" in migrated SP2010 website vs SP2013

I'm working on a 2013 Sharepoint migrated from 2010. I noticed that the option 'Edit Links' below the right navigation menu of a website sometimes is missing...and wondered why. My conclusion is that ...
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Edit link not visible in Quick Launch after site provisioning using custom web template

I am using a custom web template to create a site based on team site template, but it is not showing the edit links on quick launch and top navigation. This is the element of the web template: <...
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Edit Links is missing in quick launch in SharePoint 2013

I have multipe subsites, but one of them is not showing the Edit Link in quick launch. This is the information about the site: it uses Team Site template (STS 1) I have checked the permissions and ...
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