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Questions tagged [document-archiving]

In order to keep SharePoint libraries easy to overview, it is necessary to remove files that are no longer in use. Sometimes you don’t want to delete files but want to keep them for future reference, for example in an archive library.

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What are the options available for the archival of the data of Document Library in SharePoint Online?

We have a couple of document libraries in which there is a large amount of data. i.e., one of the document libraries has 1,99,936 items in it. We are looking for the best archival option so that the ...
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1 answer

Archive Documents from Multiple Libraries

I have a Sharepoint Page with Multiple Document Libraries. Is there a way to archive documents after the status column changes to archive for each document residing in the different libraries on that ...
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SharePoint Archiving

I am trying to set up an archiving system by using retention policies, to avoid facing the 5K limit in document libraries. My question is: 1. will a drop off library every face the 5K limit, 2. and ...
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SharePoint Retention Policy for Archiving

Can you set a retention policy to move a whole custom content type (based on document set, with documents inside) to different drop off locations and leaving a shortcut behind? Also, will a drop off ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Archive files without Sharepoint designer

What I have read it requires a workflow created in Sharepoint designer to automatically archive files. Can it be done in other ways?
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1 vote
2 answers

Preserving Modified date on list items

I wonder if you can help me here. How would I preserve the Modified date when a list item is changed? I’m trying to create an archiving solution* using a workflow to copy older items to a second ...
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1 vote
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Moving Document Sets with more than 12 look up to a record center

I have a library with "Information Management Policy" enabled in it, library contains 22 User Group columns, 4 managed metadata columns and few other columns. But when the expiration policy is ...
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Do SharePoint 2016 provides Deduplication feature?

Do SharePoint 2016 provides Deduplication feature for duplicated documents not save in one content database, like other document archiving products provides? Do shredded storage feature provides ...
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