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Questions tagged [device-channel]

Device Channels in SharePoint enables a site to render a single publishing site in multiple ways by using different designs that target different devices.

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SP2013 & Responsive Design - How to do it right?

I'm a SharePoint developer and also skilled in web design. My current task is to implement a responsive design along with a branding in SharePoint 2013 environment Now I am in the situation to choose ...
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Unable to Delete Custom Master Page Programmatically During Feature Deactivation 2013

I currently have a custom master page that is being deployed at the Site scope. Once deployed and the feature is activated it makes the master page available for use. I am able to activate the ...
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SharePoint 2013: Responsive Master page

I have been given an assignment to create a Responsive Master Page for SharePoint 2013. I've been researching for few days and found out that we can achieve it using: Media Queries Device channel ...
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2 answers

Disable mobile version only for particular devices (SP Online)

Can I disable mobile view only for iPad and iPhone (IOS) devices (users with other devices should still use mobile version)?
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Is it better to use device channels (sharepoint) or media queries (css) for large sharepoint sites? [duplicate]

I am building a large sharepoint site. Visitors will use various devices to access the site. Should i use device channels to control the display of elements or would it be more advisable to use css ...
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2 answers

Device Channel Rules for All mobile phones and Tablets?

I am developing master pages for different devices, my target is to develop different master page for Desktop, Mobile phones and Tablet. Default device channel works for desktops, “$...
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What situation we can go with device channel?

I need to make my custom SharePoint site responsive, So Planned to use bootstrap framework for making my web parts and pages responsive. My concern is there has device channel feature in SharePoint ...
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How to differentiate touch screen desktop and simple desktop in device channel of sharepoint

Background: Working with SharePoint one additional device channel, i include Phone, Android and "Tab" in inclusion rule for mobiles and tablets, everything was working as expected. Problem When one ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Bypass mobile view feature only for a particular page

I have a list that uses an edit form customized with a JsLink. Basically this form is heavily customized and I made it responsive so it looks pretty good in a mobile browser. I activated the Mobile ...
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Sharepoint 2013 tablet use

I am a humble Sharepoint Admin tasked with researching the use of tablets for my workplace, we have an on premises 2013 deployment. I'm not certain that this is the correct forum to post this ...
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4 answers

Sharepoint 2013 device channels

I am experiencing wired issue, I have configured device channels and added some user agent strings related to it. When I access site externally on an iPad, no issues occur, but when I access the same ...
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1 answer

Detect current device channel from code behind

From MSDN article about device channels: Also, device channels can set a JavaScript variable called effectiveDeviceChannel that contains the current channel alias. This variable can be used to show ...
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Is it possible to configure device channels for team site

I am trying to configure device channels for one of my existing sites created using Team site template and it is not working (no UI difference from device to device). It is working well if I create a ...
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