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Questions tagged [device-channel]

Device Channels in SharePoint enables a site to render a single publishing site in multiple ways by using different designs that target different devices.

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1 answer

SP2013 & Responsive Design - How to do it right?

I'm a SharePoint developer and also skilled in web design. My current task is to implement a responsive design along with a branding in SharePoint 2013 environment Now I am in the situation to choose ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Unable to Delete Custom Master Page Programmatically During Feature Deactivation 2013

I currently have a custom master page that is being deployed at the Site scope. Once deployed and the feature is activated it makes the master page available for use. I am able to activate the ...
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SharePoint 2013: Responsive Master page

I have been given an assignment to create a Responsive Master Page for SharePoint 2013. I've been researching for few days and found out that we can achieve it using: Media Queries Device channel ...
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