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Delegate controls provide a means to specify candidate controls for a particular functionality and to choose a functionality provider for those controls.

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Mass User Profile Management

Is it possible to script (or otherwise) a series of changes to a number of Profiles at the same time (such as automatically setup delegates for a number of accounts)
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Differing ways to make executeQueryAsync calls - Function.createDelegate (is old IE8 code)

I want some understanding on two programming patterns I've seen and when to employ them. The question is about callbacks and delegate. In the first code there are two distinct functions, success ...
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Creating a new search box via a delegate control

We have a sharepoint site where the main home page is branded using our custom masterpage. Some of the subsites don't use the custom masterpage and instead use seattle. Initially when I created the ...
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How do I access a Property argument in a SharePoint 2013 Workflow?

I have a "Property" argument in a workflow. I need to access it and pass it's value to another activity. It seems that I can't do this however. What am I missing? I found this which seems to be ...
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How to delegate task to someone else when task assigned to person is out? [duplicate]

I have a situation where a task is assigned to a person thru workflow. That person is now gone. I know site admin can delegate the task to someone else. But I would like manager (say from a group "...
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User control in delegate control

My question is regarding a delegate control called TopNavigationDataSource, normally when you create a delegate control you just define there some new properties etc. But what if I want to deploy ...
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Programmatically adding SharePoint Lists to external SQL database

I need to export a SharePoint list to an external SQL database. My initial idea is to open the list as a datatable and bulk update. I created a console app I can run anytime I need to sync the data. ...
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MSOLAPSvc.3 service missing from kerberos delegation

I'm trying to configure PerformancePoint using this article and Analysis Services is running and configured on that box, but the constrained delegation won't let me choose the MSOLAPSvc.3 service ...
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Customize a Delegate Control in SharePoint 2010

I created a simple project to Customize a Delegate Control in SharePoint 2010 such as in msdn article ( Source code: Class: using System; using ...
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Programmatically add JS/CSS to pages

I've created a Visual Studio SharePoint 2010 solution with an ASCX that adds some JavaScript files and CSS to the head of each page; this is based on this article. When I deploy the solution, it adds ...
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Delegate control appending to page while feature is deactivated

I have a delegate control that is appending to the AdditionalPageHead. This delegate control is appending a custom class of mine that inherits from Control. It runs some logic, and when appropriate, ...
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SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges working on Windows Server 2003/SP2007 and not on 2008/SP2010

I have this simple code in C# using SharePoint: SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges(delegate() { SPSite site = new SPSite("http://localhost:333"); }); When I execute it on a Windows Server ...
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How do you "stop" activating a feature within the feature receiver?

I have a feature receiver with some long running code, hence I use SPLongOperation and delegate for better visual appearance. Basically my feature receiver looks like so: public override void ...
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Trouble enabling custom ribbon with delegate control

I have a project with a number of custom ribbons: a couple are bound to contenttypes, some are activated through webparts and some are (sub)site-wide and are supposed to be activated by a delegate ...
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Overriding GlobalNavigation Delegate control

I have overridden the GlobalNavigation delegate control and have been very pleased with the results. Now I would like to remove my global navigation from application pages that display in iframes (...
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How do I set a property of the feature control loaded within a delegate control?

I'm currently have a delegate control as such; <SharePoint:DelegateControl runat="server" ControlId="MainNavigation" AllowMultipleControls="true"> I also have a feature which has a element ...
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first visit to site loads page twice

I create a new Site Collection within an existing SP Web Application. The new Site Collection is created as a child of an existing Site Collection (the Root Site Collection in the Web Application) ...
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SharePoint 2007 Delegate Control and WSDL

Is there a way to create custom delegate control in sub-sites without having to restart the IIS server? I have full admin/SharePoint designer access to the sub-site, just not the IIS installation. ...
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Delegate Control Tutorial/Walk-through

Where is a good overview or walk-through of creating delegate controls in SharePoint?
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