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5 votes
5 answers

How to set the tiles view in a document library as default

In SharePoint online i created a document library. In the new experience view you have the possibility to show the list with a tiles view. is it possible to do it as a default view? If i make a view ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Search box missing

I have a document library where the search box is missing. The style under view is set to default. When editing the web part, under miscellaneous there is no option to display the search box.
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0 votes
5 answers

How to make the custom newform.aspx as the default new form in SharePoint 2010

I have created a custom newform.aspx using the copy of the existing Sharepoint 2010 list form using SP Designer tool.Now i want to make this mynewcustomform.aspx as the default form when the user ...
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