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A Data View is a live, customizable view of a data source that leverages Microsoft ASP.NET technology.

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Displaying an image submitted to a SharePoint list

I have a requirement from a user that when they submit the spec of a laptop or printer to a SharePoint list that the details are displayed on a separate page. I'm working on getting the text details ...
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"Data View" component which is added inside the Display.aspx form will not be shown in modern interfaces

I want to build something similar to having Master/Details lists inside sharepoint online. so i follow an approach mentioned on this YouTube video, which mainly do these steps:- created 2 lists (...
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Include announcement's from parent site in subsite announcements

I'm using Sharepoint Foundation 2010. I'm trying to include announcements from my parent site in my subsite's announcement list. Or atleast in a separate list/webpart above it. If its not possible to ...
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Hours and Minutes calculation in Dataview webpart

I have a DataView Webpart, to display XML data using XML File connection. I use the below formula to calculate the day difference between 2 dates: "(number(ddwrt:DateTimeTick(ddwrt:GenDisplayName(...
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Dataview with two sources to display library and list content - An effective strategy for collecting & presenting assets?

One way of classifying the resources provided on my site is by whether they are a file (e.g., a PDF, Word Doc, Excel file) or a link. Links can be to an internal resource, i.e., another HTML page, or ...
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Issues with DataView

I have a client that is having issues while in DataView. He is unable to drag the cells while in DataView like you can in Excel, other users at his location have no problem doing this. He can copy ...
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Freeze First Column of Sharepoint Datasheet View

Is there an easy way to freeze the first column of a SharePoint datasheet view. I have access to SharePoint designer if needed. Thanks
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Textfilter with wildcards no results

I followed this tutorial SharePoint 2010 - Configure textFilter to but no matter what I search for (write a text, then press enter), I get no results. After a great deal of trial & error I can't ...
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Linked Data Source set as "Joined" not displaying data

I have created a "Linked Data Source" and set the type as "Joined". When I display this "Linked Data source", I am able to see the rows and columns but no data is ...
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SharePoint 2013 Custom List - Dataview with 2 columns grouping does not expand to show the items

I have a custom list view grouped by 2 columns (Requester Company & Month - Year). In my view, I can see the grouping without any issues with the total against each group. When I expand the ...
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How to select my xml file as data source for a data view

I am using sp 2010. I have a page with a search result webpart. Inside this webpart I have some xslt for the look and feel. I would like to add a new column to my search results. I found this blog ...
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SharePoint 2010 Data View Joined Subview Filter Empty Rows

I've got two lists. I've created a dataview webpart and have created a joined subview. The data that is presented is correct. In the below example, there would be a match for all items with the ...
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Date Control and Dataview filter on created date using Sharepoint designer

I know this is fairly simple but I am using SharePoint Foundation 2010 and I have a dataview web part and a calendar control. I created a parameter named SelectedDate and had it to get it's ...
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