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Datasource is a name given to the connection setup to a database from a server. T

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Unable to get Sharepoint Online data Web data source for Power BI

What I wanted to do is to get the data for Power BI from web datasource. The excel data was uploaded in sharepoint online as document and then I copied link for url data source on the power BI side. ...
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SSRS 2016 native mode fail to connect SharePoint list datasource

We are using SP2016 with SQL 2016 standard (13.0.5026.0 SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 2 (SP2)). SSRS feature is enabled in SQL server and service started. I am able to browse the SSRS portal with http:/...
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DropDown box with Numbers in PowerApps

I am trying to create drop down box in PowerApps that will have the numbers from 1 to 10. I want a user to select a number and the next screen would have the x amount of rows the user picked. so they ...
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Dynamically pass sharepoint list name in ssrs report

I want to pass Dynamic SharePoint list name. I want to give access to users to provide the parameter value in ssrs report for SharePoint list and get the data. So, to dynamically pass the data i am ...
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Manipulate a value in a webpart and use it somewhere else

I hope you can help. We have two lists : countries and customers Countries fields : Country Name + Language Customers fields : Customer Name + Country Name In the dispform of customer, I need to ...
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Read/Write/Edit SharePoint 2013 Data inside Visual Basic Windows Application

Does anybody have any experience with creating a windows application with a SharePoint 2013 data source? I have a couple of apps that read/download library files and read/write lists. This all works ...
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Linked Data Source set as "Joined" not displaying data

I have created a "Linked Data Source" and set the type as "Joined". When I display this "Linked Data source", I am able to see the rows and columns but no data is ...
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Create SharePoint 2010 list datasource using Microsoft flow

Is it possible to create a data source from SharePoint 2010 list using Microsoft flow?
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