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Steps to Deploy multiple webparts with one feature

(SharePoint 2010) I have created 4 webparts each in their own solutions and they work great. How could I add each webpart to an empty solution and deploy them as one feature & have each web-part ...
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Bind parameters to my custom reportviewerwebpart and refresh it

I'll try to explain my problem in the easiest way I can, since even for me it is difficult to understand. I've created a custom web part in which I have two columns: a datalist and a few buttons on ...
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How to create Visual WebPart in sandbox solution (Office 365)?

I am using SharePoint online(Office 365). for office 365 it is necessary to create sandbox solution but in sandbox solution it is not possible to create visual web part. is there any way to create ...
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how to get the context of current document set in a custom web part placed on document set welcome page?

I want to create a web part to place on a document set web part. How would I get the context of the document set and the documents within the set from within the web part? thx
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