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Filter Drop-down values based on logged user

I should create a drop down box to display hosted-app part, based on the selected value from drop down box. Also I need to filter the drop down values based on logged user. And this need to be done ...
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FormContext.FormMode == DISPLAY after calling Edit Item in custom list

In a custom webpart we check on PageLoad the SPContext.Current.FormContext.FormMode to show different additional controls on edit and display mode. If the list is created manually everything works ...
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Custom Web Part Uploading Incorrectly

I am trying to upload my custom web part to my sharepoint online site. The upload is successful, but when adding the web part to a site it is not the expected content of the web part. It seems to be ...
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Fill SharePoint People Picker from SharePoint List Column

I have a SharePoint List who has the column of type Person or Group. In my webpart solution I am trying to use Caml Query to get the Data of the List based on Department column. Each Department is ...
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Webpart randomly stopped working

We have a webpart running on SharePoint 2010 that displays our latest news that has been in use for at least 3 years. As of yesterday, it stopped working. It displays the webpart with title and the ...
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How to filter a calendar events in list view based on moth and weak view in calendar view?

I need to filter a Calendar list view based on month and week view, I mean I will add calendar view web part first then I will add my custom web part to show the list view, Think is list view need to ...
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Programmatically created SPWebApplication's WebParts not registered as safe

I am having a frustrating issue with a programmatically created web application in which a programmatically deployed solution's web parts are not registered as safe when adding to a programmatically ...
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Exception when deleting webpart Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPartPageUserException

I have been looking for any leads on this direction on the web and most of the issues I have found is when they try to add a webpart but I am running across the issue where I am getting an exception ...
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Timeout issues of webparts in SharePoint 2019 on-premise

Our SharePoint sites were migrated from 2013 to 2019 on-premise. Since the migration done a week ago, we’ve been having issues with our custom webparts on all the pages throughout a site, where users ...
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Pass HTML text from webpart to Application Page (.aspx) SharePoint

I have placed a Rich Textbox in SharePoint webpart & on Button click I want to Print the text same as in the format entered by the user which will have certain HTML tags. For Printing this, I ...
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How to maintain different session in different tabs?

We are working on a custom web part in which data is fetched from different SharePoint lists in to a static datatable based on the name of the SharePoint list . But when i open same web part , from ...
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Custom Web Part in fixed height div

I am developing a web part and it loads correctly, however when it is set to a fixed height a DIV is appearing before my rendered content with a height set that is the same as the fixed height I set ...
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Custom Webpart With checkbox

I Created Webpart Page in SPD and they saved inside site Pages then I chose Empty Date I have Data list with some columns but they are not like Listview webpart, there is no Checkbox on each ...
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Bind parameters to my custom reportviewerwebpart and refresh it

I'll try to explain my problem in the easiest way I can, since even for me it is difficult to understand. I've created a custom web part in which I have two columns: a datalist and a few buttons on ...
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