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Questions tagged [custom-solution]

Building SharePoint custom solution involves creating SharePoint sites or site elements such as list definitions, ribbon elements, visual web parts, deploying resources, custom workflows etc. These custom solutions are based grouped together as features and packages.

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SharePoint Foundation 2013 migration & upgrade to SharePoint Server 2019

In the migration process when we upgrade the custom solutions from SP 2013 to SP 2019, first we will deploy the custom solutions to SP 2016 and then to 2019. Do we need to upgrade the custom solutions ...
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UAT and Production environment can use the same server?

I have custom SharePoint solution. I want to create UAT and Production environment on the same server. Is it possible to deploy the solution on a single server? Scenario - I have one custom ...
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Error: Feature not installed and blocking for application for using this site Template

I have site template created from old site which is WSP file, both server versions are same(SP2013 on premise) What is the reason behind this three feature is not installed is there any dependencies? ...
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How to migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016 On-premise?

We have current environment set up with SharePoint 2010 on-premise and we want to migrate to SharePoint 2016 on-premise. My question is, is it required to upgrade my custom solution to 2013 first ...
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