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SharePoint Rest API - Mentioned users in a custom list item's comments are not being displayed correctly

Steps to reproduce: Add a custom list item in SharePoint. Make a comment to the list item and mention a user or users in the comment. Make a request to the Rest API. We get the following response in ...
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Get base64 of banner image in flows

Is there a way to convert a banner image to a base64 using flows / power automate? Any of the get content actions for SharePoint does not work for banner image.
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Increasing arrow sizes in a Custom List Batch View

I have a custom list, which I am displaying documents in batches of 10. Is there anyway of increasing the size of the arrows? They are small, and I am using this in a mobile / touch environment. I am ...
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How to filter tasks on infopath form load?

I want show infopath task list data according to the action item one by one on infopath form load. All items showing on the form load tasks which are created in a task list. I applied the rule on form ...
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Register Custom Action with Javascript

I am having difficulty registering a custom user action through JavaScript. I am using the following code example. The code executes without any error however the button fails to appear on the Ribbon. ...
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