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create custom BCS connector

What are the steps to create a custom bcs connector? I have a ftp location where the data gets updated every week. So I want to write a bcs connector which will connect to data source with the ...
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How to create a External Content Type equivalent to a Document Set?

I'd like to create an External Content Type either inheriting from or equivalent to a Document Set. I'm not finding any good examples and Document Sets are derived from folders, so the API must be ...
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How to reference columns in External list in Sharepoint

I have two external lists: (Parents, Students). I need to display Parents Name in Students List as a Dropdown field. And if I save the student form, ParentID should be stored in DB. How can I ...
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Show related entities in FAST search results

I've successfully created a .net assembly BCS to crawl external data in my enviorment. The BCS include an AssociationNavigator to crawl related entities based on foreign key. When i perform a crawl ...
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