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create, read, update and delete (CRUD) are the four basic functions of persistent storage

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JavaScript CRUD operations in Provider Hosted Apps SharePoint Online

I am new to Provider Hosted Apps and starting off with the basics. Was able to save the data to the list, However facing challenges with edit, update and delete. Scenario: Created a simple form with ...
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The property 'Lead' does not exist on type 'SP.Data.ProjectsListListItem'. Error in Sharepint Online

I have developed Sharepoint Hosted Addin with a List called Projects. And It has a Lookup for another List called Users to get the Team Lead for that project. When I trying to add new List Item to the ...
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BCS External List CRUD operation using REST API on SharePoint 2013

Can we have CRUD operation on SharePoint External List Based on SQL Server using Rest API with Jquery on SharePoint 2013 On Premise. This link says it possible. But need more advice on this
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How to perform CRUD Operations on sharepoint lists using React and PnP-JS Core with SharePoint FrameWork (SharePoint 2016)

I would like to create forms using react and PnP-JS Core with sharepointframework to perform CRUD Operations on sharepoint lists. Do you have any simple examples I can look at and test on SharePoint ...
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SP 2013 Best way to handle Updating some Info and Inserting Other Info into seperate lists?

OK, this is a little complex but I will try and explain it as clearly as possible. I have created a custom form, that writes the majority of the form data to the main list. Let's call it MainList ...
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SharePoint CRUD Operations in a JavaScript Batch Opertation

Is there a way, possibly through the OfficePnP js-core library, to have a javascript model that represents a set of list items that knows when it's dirty and can commit that back to SharePoint in a ...
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Error with Create Method on External Content Type

SharePoint 2013 I have an External Content Type (ECT) defined for a table in a SQL Server database. I also have the usual CRUD methods defined for the ECT. The table has over 50 fields, but there is ...
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SharePoint Provider hosted app with backend as sql server for CRUD operation

I have a provider hosted app in SharePoint on premise. Is it possible to retrieve data from sql server and crud operation database using app?
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Create List Item SharePoint Hosted App

I have a SharePoint hosted app that creates a list instance. I'm trying the simple task of creating a list item but it doesn't work. No errors are displayed and I am not able to get into the success ...
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workflow to delete list item on subsite( Sharepoint designer call http web service )

I am trying to use the call http web service in sharepoint designer to delete a list item on a subsite( for example, when a list item is deleted on subsite 1 delete item on subsite 2). for this ...
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Simple Question - Is it possible to Edit SQL Tables from SharePoint form

The title about says it all. I've developed in Access for 20+ years. I've held off learning SharePoint because everything I've read seems to indicate restrictions on true data management. So... here ...
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Add Item to List on JSLink with jQuery

I have a JSLink on my Webpart Custom List, and I need to add an item before render a view. (function () { var overrideCtx = {}; overrideCtx.Templates = {}; overrideCtx.Templates....
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Updating SharePoint item using REST API from outside of SharePoint

I need to update (CRUD) SharePoint list items from a stand alone application outside of SharePoint. This application can only use JavaScript to call SP. Deploying it as an app on SharePoint won't be ...
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