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Cross farm is data exchange between two (or more) different SharePoint farms

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Having one search center for two different SharePoint 2016 farms

I want to ask you if you have experience of setting up, of course first of all if its possible to have one search center URL shared between two SharePoint 2016 farms. So, we have like two SharePoint ...
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IS Self Service Site creation work in the Cross farm configuration

We have a problem with UPA in cross farm scenario in SharePoint 2016 ( April 2018 CU). We configure the UPA in Farm A (where everything is working as expected). MySites also in Farm A Build a Trust ...
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Configuring Enterprise Search Center to work with two remote SSAs

We have two farms, one dedicated crawl farm and one that hosts content. We have two SSAs(SSAWebApp1 & SSAWebApp2) on the crawl farm, one for each web app(WebApp1 & WebApp2) on the content ...
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SharePoint 2016 cross farm services, Tagging is not working in consumer farm

I have cross farm environment, SharePoint 2016 Nov PU 2016 level. We have UPA, MMS and Mysites in Publishing Farm. In consuming farm we have content web application. Now issue is Tagging in site ...
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Cannot get list items from SharePoint 2010 into SharePoint 2016 cross domain cross farm SOAP or REST

I've been battling with this for a number of days and I just can't get to the bottom of it. I have a SharePoint 2010 publishing site and a SharePoint 2016 publishing site. Both on prem, but different ...
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Is it possible to publish UPS between versions(2013-2016) of SharePoint?

Does anyone know, if the cross farm publishing of UPS service is possible when consumer is SharePoint 2013 and publisher is SharePoint 2016, both on premise.
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InfoPath 2013 submit to a SharePoint 2010 farm from SharePoint 2013

Situation: New SP 2013 farm with public facing site and InfoPath 2013 form configured to submit to a form library on a SP 2010 farm. When submitting, I get an error: Cannot find site lookup info ...
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