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Questions tagged [core-js]

The Core JavaScript Framework or "CoreJS" is a client-side JavaScript library which provides tools for creating object-oriented and event-driven JavaScript code.

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Open In Explorer using Javascript outside masterpage

The following code works like a charm when executed from an aspx using the sharepoint masterpage. However, I need it to work from an html file in a document library on the same site. e.g. Works when ...
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Opening ECB resets custom href of list items

Once a page finishes loading, I use JQuery to change the href of every item based on some custom validation. So far so good but my problem is that opening the ECB will reset the href of that item. I ...
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JavaScript Validation in ECB for out-of-the-box menu items

Is it possible to add some kind of JavaScript validation to ECB items like Edit Item, Check Out and Workflows? What I want is a simple JavaScript alert and redirect to the list if the clicked item ...
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Search problem - JavaScript SubmitSearchRedirect - WSS 3.0

I am trying to search using the default search control from sharepoint. <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderSearchArea" runat="server"> <SharePoint:DelegateControl runat="server" ...
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(Sandbox solution) Ensure my javascript file is loaded after core.js

Using a CustomAction in the location of a scriptlink, I'm inserting a javascript code, however I need this code to run after core.js runs. Does anyone know how I can achieve this? My CustomAction ...
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Where to find a complete list of document action functions in JS

I'm tasked with taking an inventory of all document action functions in core.js Is there a list somewhere online that provides a list of all user options from a document list menu? [If I can get it ...
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Errors after removing core.js

I am building a master page for a public facing website, and I have removed core.js for better performance. The issue is that I am now getting a bunch of errors because functions are absent. This ...
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Where can I find the permission details for the HasRights javascript call in core.js?

I am writing JavaScript that will show a menu item for the document ECB menu in a SharePoint document library. I want to only show the item if the current user has the ability to edit the item. It ...
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