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2 answers

Hide copy link option in context menu

Since we are having issues with copy link, is there any way we can hide it? This way we forcing users to use Copy document ID only.
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1 answer

Button on SPO Page that copies the URL of an item in a list view web part with a checkmark next to it

Basically, if ONE document in a document library LVWP is checked, a button should become active. When clicked, the button will copy that document's absolute encoded URL to the clipboard. It doesn't ...
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1 answer

Find document libraries/document for which "Copy Link" is set to "People in Tenant with Link"

In SP Online, how to find all the document libraries/documents in the tenant for which "Copy Link" is set to "People in Tenant with Link"?
1 vote
1 answer

SharePoint Online - Default Link Type

I updated the "Default Link Type" to "Direct"(Specific People) both at Tenant level and site level. At Tenant level, I updated using the URL: