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Questions tagged [contribute]

A permission level that by default, grants view, add, update, and delete privileges in an existing list or document library.

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3 answers

User permissions to edit items but not site

What I want to do is simply give the users full permission when it comes to adding and editing documents. I do not want them to be able to edit the site itself. The problem seems to be that when ...
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SharePoint 2010 List - permissions vary for users

Here is the situation. We have a list with a large amount of data. It has many columns. Users who have access to this list can view and edit any data. So no change on that. But there is one user who ...
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Allow users to use "Embed Code" or Script Editor webpart without full control

Is it possible to give users with Contribute permissions the possibility to embed code or insert a script editor webpart? All I can find online is about SharePoint Online but I am working on a ...
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3 answers

Blank browser screen even with correct permissions. Bug?

I had a user who couldn't see a few pages / lists even though she had full rights to read and contribute. The page would be blank (no error) if she tried loading them. In order to fix this, I had to ...
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Deleted Contribute permission level and want it back

I have been playing around with permissions on my Office365 subscription. I have accidentally deleted the Contribute permission level and now I am unable to restore or create another one with all the ...
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Overview all sites with contribute permissions

I have a challenge. On our SharePoint environment, we want to have one page, with all sites where the current user has contribute permissions on. This way, he knows where he can collaborate. I ...
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Workflow access denied but still task is completed

I made a simple SharePoint 2013 workflow using SPD in SharePoint 2016. When an item is created, task is assigned to Group2 for approval. There are two security groups. Group1 - this group can create ...
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Contribute permission Members not able to move files within a folder in Document Library

The users that have contribute permission in a folder inside document library, cannot move the files in that folder. The error that comes up is " Unable to move the file because content approval ...
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1 answer

Why does a Contributor keep getting Sorry, this site hasn't been shared with you?

I am having issues in accessing a SP 2013 list. The subsite was previously private to a group but the client wanted to make a "trouble ticket area" public. The list should be visible by everyone. ...
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SharePoint 2013 Style Library file not accessible with read permission

I have a Content Editor webpart in a page which refers some images in Style Library. When users who have read permission to Style Library are not able to view those images in page. When I give ...
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Contribute users can not delete Discussion items while they can delete Tracking items and Documents

I have a Team site collection inside my sharepoint 2013. now inside the team site i have 3 lists, which share the same permissions:- tracking list Discussion list docuemnt library now users with ...
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Best approach to have users that can add/edit/view but cannot delete items

I have created a new sub site named “Finance” of type team site and it comes with these 3 default groups:- Finance Member -----> Contribute Finance Owners -----> Full Control Finance Visitors --...
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