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Questions tagged [contextualscope]

A property of the QueryInfo class, ContextualScope gets or sets the contextual Search scope under which the query was executed.

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Managed Metadata Navigation - How do you make quicklaunch work contextually like structural nav quicklaunch?

I've tried to use the new Managed Metadata navigation on our new SP2013 site, and it works great for global navigation. However, I have spent hours trying to figure out how to get the quicklaunch ...
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1 answer

Overriding search control, contextual scope as default

I have a strange problem regarding the overriding of search delegate control in SharePoint 2007. The purpose of why i override it is to set drop down mode to show contextual scopes as default aka ...
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Can a FullTextSqlQuery in SharePoint use the "This Site" contextual scope?

I want to limit my full text SQL query to a single site collection and I am calling the SharePoint search.asmx web service directly from Javascript. Is there some way to limit this using something in ...
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How do you define source for "Find an item" contextual search in 2013?

I'm a bit confused by the complexity of SharePoint 2013's search functions and was hoping to get help. I created a simple contact list for all our field techs. Our dispatcher wanted to be able to ...
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SharePoint 2013 People Search not working

On our farm, People searches (this site) return no results while the "everything" search center returns results, even results from people. Some background on the farm: We have a web app with 2 AAMs, ...
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