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Use a Content Search Web Part to create a Slide Show

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Customization of SP OOTB Picture Slide Show Display

I am working with SP Online and have SA privileges. I am using the SP OOTB Picture Slideshow under 'Media and Content' on a single column page. I do not have SP Designer or JQuery as my company won't ...
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Owl Carousel, why page is postback on navigation

I am using owl carousel on a page for slider autoplay as well as for next and previous slides. Everything is working fine as expected. but the thing is whenever I am hitting next or prev button, the ...
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Creation of a Slider WebPart

I have created a slider webpart to be used by end users for their SharePoint publishing sites. Its working fine. Only issue is whenever end user need it for a different website with different content, ...
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Content Search Web Part Slider issue

I have created a content search slider web part on my site's home page which acts as a nice looking slider that pulls images from a picture library. But am facing an issue, even though I have ...
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