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Questions tagged [confluence]

Confluence is a wiki-like content editor for storage of web page content.

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Give pages an keyword and list other pages with this keyword on the current page

we have worked with Confluence so far now we switched to Office 365 and SharePoint. So we want to use SharePoint pages just like Confluence as a Wiki. In order to build a good wiki we have to link ...
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4 votes
1 answer

SharePoint 2013 vs Confluence Wiki (same story?)

I am in the same situation as the questioner two years ago, however I don't have a body of people using Confluence they see it as being promising and should be considered. Has the landscape changed ...
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7 votes
4 answers

What's the best way to migrate a Confluence site to Sharepoint?

We have an internally hosted Confluence site that we're trying to move to a cloud hosted site. What's the best way to migrate those pages while keeping as much of it intact as possible....
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