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Color code item row based on column value in SharePoint Foundation 2013

I have a custom list which contains a field called Status. In the AllItems view, I would like to color code each line item based on the value of Status. Is this possible to do withing SharePoint ...
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Failed on Start (Workflow was canceled by System Account.)

When I add an "if condition" to my working workflow, It doesn't work anymore and gives error: "Failed to Start". (Workflow was canceled by System Account.) My "if condition" is in below image framed ...
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Display different flow buttons in sharepoint list with time condition

I have a list where an item can have different statuses (Draft, Planned, Updated and finished) I wanted 3 different flows to be able to run, so the buttons are: When Draft: [Send item] When Updated: [...
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Use javascript/jquery to see if items in list are due soon in Sharepoint 2013

I am trying to determine by date if an item is due. In my use case, my user will create an item with a date in the following format (MM/DD or 06/15). Now if the date the user chooses will fall in the ...
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How to write multiple conditional formula (39 conditions) for 7 columns in Sharepoint

first, I must thank you all for the tips for new people who want to learn more on SharePoint to optimize their business. I'm trying to find a solution to write expanded conditional formula according ...
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Powershell script to update list column from another column Conditional

Any help is greatly appreciated. Here is the scenario: I have a powershell script which I am using from another post on stackexchange. I have two fields in a list, the script copies the value from ...
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Conditional Formatting with date comparison

I am using SharePoint 2016 on Premise in the classic mode. I have a Custom List, and I want to apply conditional formatting to a date column, so that if the date is overdue from today's date it will ...
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