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Questions tagged [column-settings]

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0 answers

List Column not showing up in my SharePoint List but it is showing up in my List Settings

I created a list and columns but not all my columns are showing up in my list. You can see the "Attendees" column on the list settings page, But this column does not show up on my list. ...
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0 votes
1 answer

Permission Users to Add (including tagging of columns) but not Edit or Delete Documemts

Is there a way to permission users to add a document and edit tags but but does not allow the user to edit and delete documents? I have created a custom permission level with these list permissions. ...
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0 votes
2 answers

Concatenate SharePoint Library Columns with Multi Select Options into a Single Column

@Matiur Rahman Here is a copy of the columns I am working with, which reside in a document library. The scenario is to combine values from each of these fields, no matter what the user selects and put ...
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1 answer

Change properties of Columns and Searchresults in Sharepoint Library?

I´m wondering if there is any way that you can change properties on columns when using search in sharepoint library? When you use search this library and then press more you will land on a new ...
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3 answers

Delete a read-only column from a list/library in SharePoint Online

I have a column of type workflow status that is present in some but not all document libraries in a site. When I use power automate to move these files, I am met with an error that says the move ...
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1 answer

Microsoft Graph api user lookup

I have a user lookup field in SharePoint however the id given is the lookup id and not the userid. Where is the lookup id referencing? Looking at a link like this: Create list relationships by using ...
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