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SharePoint O365 Classic Library - Color Code Cell with no CEWP/Script Editor

First, I know if I use the Modern experience in my library in SP O365 this would resolve my conditional formatting issue. However, if I can find a solution that does not require a CEWP/Script Editor, ...
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How to Create Color Indicator in Column sharePoint List

I have sharepoint list with clasic view mode. in that list I have: Task Name, PC Name, Planned Start Date, Planned Due Date, Actual Start Date, Actual Completion Date, Alert Zone. Alert Zone consists ...
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Column Coloring based on value

Good Morning, I am using Sharepoint 2016 and have been looking for either an script or HTML that colors a column in my list based on the value. Column Name: Award Status (On-time/Late), choices are ...
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Use a status field to change the color of a promoted link

Is it possible to use another field to automatically change the color of the tile based on that field. Meaning, I have three fields in a list one is the calculation of the other two. Actual-Target=...
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How to color code a SharePoint list date field based on comparison with todays date?

I have a SharePoint list with a date column called 'Expiration Date' containing a date value. Using some JS code, I would like to first check if the date value equals to today and if so I would like ...
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