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Collapsible Grouped List Gallery View

I have a SharePoint Online Modern list set with a grouped view. When viewing it as a list, each group can be collapsed by clicking the small arrow. When I change to gallery view, it is no longer ...
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Are the section titles customizable

I use Sharepoint modern experience site with collapsible sections. Are the titles of the sections customizable?
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Create a subsection in SitePages

Is there a way to create a subsection in a SharePoint page? For example, I would like to create a collapsible subsection under Database:
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How to add custom webpart section under SharePoint modern page?

I need to add a custom design layout under SharePoint online modern page. By default, SharePoint provides six types of layouts marked with a red border in the below image. I need to add my custom ...
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XML file doesn't contian reference to Sharepoint collapsible sections

I have been using Get-PnPSiteTemplate -Out C:\file.xml -IncludeAllClientSidePages to get the xml out but I have noticed that the pages which contains collapsible section doesn't collapsible when I ...
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Issue in collapsible section SharePoint online

I have an issue in the collapsible section in SharePoint online. I'm trying to add a new section in a site page and whenever I try to edit it in order to add a title in the text field of the ...
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