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A content management system (CMS is a computer application that allows publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as maintenance from a central interface

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How to assign an ID or Class to specific Webpart in Sharepoint

I’m working with Sharepoint on a client project and I’m finding it a bit cumbersome to navigate. I see that Sharepoint seems to generate dynamic ID names for its web parts when they are created; an ...
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Content Management via WYSIWYG Editor

Can I create a Sharepoint 2013 (enterprise) website where permissioned users can content manage HTML pages via a WYSIWYG editor?
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Manage external websites through SharePoint 2013

I have many HTML & ASPX sites hosted on IIS. I want centralized solution to manage those sites so I have selected SharePoint 2013 as platform. I do have ASP.NET application which handles all the ...
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How to make pages available to public while in pending status?

I notice that pages with pending status become unavailable for viewing to the public. Is there a way to make sure the page is always available to the public? By right, the previous published version ...
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Best Practice for export List Content to HTML (typo3)?

I've got the following problem: Use Case: I'm creating Events within my intranet with Sharepoint Server 2010. I have a typo3/cms front-end website not connected to sharepoint yet. I want to show the ...
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Would you recommend using SharePoint as CMS for a consumer website?

I am considering using SharePoint to house all my content for an eCommerce website. I plan to use .Net components and services to relate the data and perform functions. Is this a good idea? Or ...
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What is the best practice for a CMS like SharePoint

Before diving into detail please read my former question for further details: Replacing a custom-developed CMS tool with SharePoint? To sum-up, I need to create-develop a sharepoint site to replace ...
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Replacing a custom-developed CMS tool with SharePoint?

I need to develop/create sharepoint portal site to replace a custom-developed CMS tool. This custom CMS tool is a classic content management tool that content authors create/edit rich-text ...
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2 answers

Redirect to default language for public web sites

I'm currently working on developing public CMS web sites with SharePoint 2010. The site will use two languages on it that will be two separate site collections on the same web application. Two managed ...
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5 answers

Sharepoint as a CMS... Good idea?

I have a client who's interested in using Sharepoint's (2010) CMS capabilities for their public facing site. Although the specification is not yet complete a few things are clear: Content ...
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Is it a bad idea to put SharePoint CMS capabilities into the hands of the "common man"?

The company I work for is discussing granting a few people from each department the ability to edit their sites content in an effort to keep us from doing hours of minor content changes every week. ...