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Is SPFx client web part durable? Is this good approach to develop web pages to publish in SharePoint online (Office 365)?

I have some dynamic pages in my intranet website (CRUD operation plus search/filter). I have office 365 SharePoint online version. I want to develop client web part using reactjs and restAPI to work ...
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client webpart multiline displays as one line only

I am trying to create a multiple line webpart property using this code: PropertyPaneTextField('test', { label: 'Multi-line Text Field', multiline: true ...
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Add jQuery in Client Web part (SPFX)

I am following a tutorial from Microsoft docs and trying to import jQuery files into my client web part but getting error.
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Sharepoint hosted client app part custom properties validation

I am trying to validation custom properties of client web part in Sharepoint hosted app. Not finding anything to do so. I have custom properties which are required ,url validation , character limit in ...
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