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Questions tagged [classic-mode-auth]

Classic Mode: This is nothing but Windows Authentication. If any web application is created with Classic Mode Authentication then it cannot applicable to configure forms based authentication.

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SharePoint 2010 Migration - Change Classic to Claims Authentication

Is it best to change the classic mode to claims authentication on the web application before upgrading the SharePoint 2010 DB to SharePoint 2013? What could break the active SharePoint 2010 web ...
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Reduce time on SP2013 Windows Classic to Windows claims convertion

We are migrating from SP2010 to SP2013 SP2010 web application is a classic web application ,hence in SP2013 I created a classic web application using PowerShell and mounted the SP2010 DBs. I ran the ...
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Use both claims and classic authentication in the same web application SharePoint 2010

We have a webapplication that uses claims authentication. We want to alternate between claims and classic authentication, depending on the user location, Ip, gps coordnates, etc. Is it possible to ...
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Add local users to a site collection

What do I have to do, to add local users to a site collection? The web application is running with classic mode authentication. Active Diretory users do not have any problem to logon. But local users ...
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Access denied for Users after database migration from SP2010 to SP2013

After content DB migration from SP2010 to SP2013, a number of users who has permission to access cannot access to the SharePoint 2013 site. The error message given is "Access Denied". I have confirmed ...
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SharePoint 2010 Migration to 2013

I'm currently in the process of migrating from SharePoint 2010 which uses classic authentication to SharePoint 2013. The steps I have taken are: Created a new classic web application on SP2013 ...
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What is the correct way to migrate a SharePoint web app from classic to claims based authentication?

In my new project, the client wants us to convert several web applications from Classic to Claims. I've read many articles on the steps to convert a SharePoint web application from classic mode to ...
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Why and when to use claims-based authentication?

I understand MS recommends claims-based authentication for new installations of SP 2010. This authentication model is based on WIF. It is a new authentication model available in SP 2010. But, I would ...
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How to detect if my code is running inside SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges

Is there a way to detect if my code is running inside SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges? class Foo { public static void Bar() { if (CODE_RUNS_ELEVATED) { Debug.WriteLine("You ...
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Is Classic/NTLM based authentication a security riskfor Internet facing sites?

I have created web application/site collection using SharePoint 2010 with a few pages, document collection and a forum. I don't want it to have anonymous access, so I have set it up to use Classic ...
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Managed Metadata Service Application and Crazy Behavior

Good afternoon everyone. I've been working on the implementation of a SharePoint 2010 farm for over a week know, which is far longer than I should have been working on it. I'm running into a ...
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Claims-based or classic authentication mode - how to figure out in a given SharePoint 2010 installation?

How do I figure out whether a web application in my SharePoint 2010 farm is using claims-based or classic authentication mode? I know that authentication provider (default zone) is Windows, but ...
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