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Exporting user's input to SharePoint list through Power Virtual Agents

Currently I'm working on task that demands creating a chatbot, that will save user input in SharePoint list. Bot has to ask user for details like First Name, Last Name, Date of birth etc. and after ...
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HTML Field security option in Classic SharePoint site

I'm trying to embed a code in Classic SharePoint site. I explored and ran a PowerShell script to enable html field security option in Site Collection Administrator. The script ran successfully but the ...
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How to embed ChatBot(Power Virtual Agent) to Sharepoint online Site

I have an embeded code of power virtual agent(chat bot).This bot has to be deployed across the sharepoint online site. How can I deploy this across the site. Please help.
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Embed Power Virtual Agents bot in Sharepoint site page?

I am able to get a PVA bot on a Sharepoint page. I created a new section and embedded the usual code to embed on a custom site. <iframe src="" ...
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Integrating Azure custom BOT on SharePoint home page

I am planning to create a custom UI Bot using ReactJS and have it on the Home page(NOT modern) of our SharePoint site. After some research, i found out we can use it with SPFX webpart and possibly ...
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Integrate Azure Bot with SPFX Extension

I want to call my azure bot from sharepoint online site using spfx extension as shown in the example: Steps/...
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SharePoint Chatbot - Add to every page on SharePoint

I am new to Microsoft Cognitive Services. I want to develop a simple FAQ chatbot. Which consumes Q & A from a SharePoint online list and displays answers in Chatbot. Is it possible to have this ...
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