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How do I Get the SharePoint Online Build Version?

Can someone help me to recall how to get SharePoint Online build version? In many cases, some SPO glitches/bugs can only be replicated in some tenants, but not in others. Is there some URL we can open ...
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Perpetual "Upgrade Available" for the Servers on Farm

[This issue has been raised here several times - I've tried all suggested solutions and none have resolved issue (list of resources at bottom under ULS log) - maybe someone has some new insight...] ...
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Determine if 2016 is installed or not

To check whether SharePoint is installed on a server or not and if so, which version, we could use the Registry Key for 2010 "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\...
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Does installing security updates for sharepoint change the build number?

I just finished updating our staging sharepoint server to the january CU. I also installed all the server and security updates through microsoft udpates. I noticed that when I finished my build was ...
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Backup a site collection from a farm with a version different than destination version

As I know if we restore a backup that is taken from a farm that holds a different config database version than the destination then it will not complete the restore process due to that difference in ...
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What is the Build Version of SharePoint Server 2016 RC?

Upgrading SharePoint Server Beta 2 to Release Candidate using the guide Install a software update for SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate, I'm still confused if I got the correct build version. ...
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