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Placeholder Text in InfoPath/SharePoint 2013

I have an InfoPath form in which I'd like to add PlaceHolder text to a few textbox fields. I believe it's currently set to open in the browser because the placeholders won't display when users open a ...
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Validate attachment in browser enabled infopath form

I have a browser enabled Infopath form and in that there is an option to upload attachments. I want to restrict the attachments to be jpg/ jpeg only. Is it possible to resolve this? Any help is ...
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How to validate browser based InfoPath form using JavaScript?

I am working with SP2013 with InfoPath Designer 2013. I have created a browser based InfoPath form with certain field. I have kept this form on Page using InfoPath Form WebPart. Now I want to ...
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Filter listview from fields in attached edit form

I have a browser enabled InfoPath edit form with a list view web-part placed underneath the form. The form and the view represent two different lists. I know OOB they can be connected using only one ...
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SharePoint Online - Infopath 2010 filler form - not opening in IE browser

I have an Infopath 2013 form, compatibility form type is "infopath 2010 filler form". In my library(SharePoint Online), in Library Settings ---> Adv Settings---> I have the setting "Default open ...
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Popup in Browser based - InfoPath forms - SharePoint Online

I am working on InfoPath browser-based forms - SharePoint Online. I have 2 questions (type Yes/No) in a section on the form and if the user selects Yes for any of these questions a popup must be ...
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Error on opening Infopath form in SharePoint document library

One of my user wants to edit the InfoPath form and enter some data. When she is trying to open the InfoPath form she is encountering below error. How can I over come this issue?
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