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A Binary Large OBject (BLOB) is a collection of binary data stored as a single entity in a database management system.

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Can I move all the images inside a folder inside an Azure Blob to another Azure Blob?

Using our Power Apps we are storing pictures inside Azure Blob. Now we have finished testing the App, and we want to move the App to the live environment. So we are planning to do the following: ...
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Upload large files from SharePoint to Azure Blob

What I want to accomplish. Each user can upload large xml files (4mb to 2000mb) to a SharePoint document library. Only the user and the admin can see their files. (critical that they dont see each ...
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SharePoint online, external cloud storage for images and videos

I am implementing a sharepoint online and have an issue with images and videos. Basically, there are more than 30Gb of videos and images being generated every week and we need to keep them easily ...
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Sharepoint 2013 Blob cache, old version of document is shown

I have a Sharepoint 2013 environment that has configured a BLOB cache, so that it caches all PDF files. This is configured on the 2 WFE. After the configuration, I have experienced that, if you ...
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When to use RBS and when not to

We have a large content database (2.5TB) that we're trying to reduce the size of. The business unit will not let us delete old content, citing a legal need to keep all documents for X years. The ...
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Problem after configuring RBS on SharePoint 2013

I have configured RBS on a SharePoint site on one of our clients and I am getting the following error whenever I upload a file to a document library: The URL '' is invalid. May refer to a ...
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Upload video files in BLOB storage SharePoint 2013

Can we configure SharePoint so that anytime when a video file is uploaded to SharePoint server it should physically save in a remote storage and not within SharePoint?
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Type of BLOB files in SharePoint

What are the type of files that can be categorize as BLOB files in SharePoint Content database?
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