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A folder stored in your web application root directory; deployment to the bin directory should be limited to controls and Web Parts.

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Deleting events - recycle bin issue

I've noticed that when deleting events, as a user would go on the FE and delete their own event, it doesn't send the event to the Recycle bin and the event disappears. Only when deleting the events ...
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Difference between GAC Deployment and BIN deployment ? Also What is CAS Policy - How do we give Full Trust in CAS policy?

None of the answers I found on the web was satisfying.
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Timer job and 3rd Party DLL

In SharePoint 2013, is it possible for a timer job to access a third party DLL that has been deployed to the bin folder instead of the GAC? I have modified the package so that when the wsp is ...
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Based on what do we make a decision to choose GAC or Web App(bin) deployment of project?

In VS there are is project property which allows you to choose: GAC or Web APP(bin). Based on what do we make a decision to choose one of option? Is this property valid only while deploying via VS? ...
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