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1 answer

List webpart: change background color

When I use a list as a webpart the background is plain white (see white behind honeycomb icons and the light blue background of the site panel). Is there a way to change the background of the whole ...
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How do I modify the default grey background for the Discussion App. See Attached picture

I need to either stretch the grey background or remove it. I have not figure out how to modify this.
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0 answers

Background 'Page Name' dialog box doesn't update in SharePoint

I have 3 background pages, which have a field dialog box at the top for the tab's name, (so "Page name")... I also have the page number and total pages at the bottom using this method. Every ...
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SharePoint Column JSON formatting alignment

As mentioned in the Title I have some issues with trying to align my background color formatting as shown in the screenshot below: What I hope to do is to get the BACKGROUND COLOR to align WITHOUT ...
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Resizing background image in XsltListViewWebPart

Our SharePoint guy migrated us from 2013 to 2016 and left. There's a web part that I've determined is a XsltListViewWebPart. The background image for each tile is now using like the upper left 70% ...
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CSS how to change font size only on a specific table not every tables on the page?

I am trying to create a banner looking header for my page and I have trouble changing the font size within the table. When I change, all the fonts in the other tables in other webparts change also. ...
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Format text on lookup popup and text inside a table

I have a multiple lookup data inside a table. I have to format a text "Stato" with green background if it is "PRONTO CONSEGNA". And do the same thing inside the table isolating the single "Id_uni" ...
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Transparent background of infopath form

Respected Friends, I want to use my infopath form on sharepoint 2013. I want to make the background of a infopath form transparent. Because the form is overlaping on the image on the webpage. that I ...
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