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Grant our Azure App registration permission equivelant to Contribute without delete.... is this possible

I have an azure app registration named "Integration-Test", and i granted this app registration Write permission on selected site: - Grant-PnPAzureADAppSitePermission -Permissions "Write&...
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1 answer

How to login using API to get delegated permissions for registered app

I managed to get the access token in postman (After registering the app on Azure on following the required steps), but the permission for the app is set to only allow logged in users to read from ...
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0 answers

The SharePoint Online returns a Cryptographic exception to the Function apps

I have some function apps which execute every 15 minutes. These function apps connect to many SharePoint sites and get the respective list items. The function apps are written in Visual Studio 2019 C# ...
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502 bad gateway azure app service + provider hosted add-in

I have a provider hosted add-in deployed to azure web application (app service). I have a long running task, iterate through all site collections (including sub webs) in tenant and perform some task ...