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Set Up 3 Tier SP 2016 farm in AWS

I'm currently creating a 3 tier SP 2016 farm in AWS. I was updated that AWS doesn't have SQL Servers and SQL is managed by RDS Engine. I was given a SQL endpoint string instead of SQL server name. ...
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Using AWS Cognito instead of Azure AD

Is it possible to use AWS Cognito instead of Azure AD to authenticate users in SharePoint Online? Is there a workaround? I didn't find anything. I could only find how to use SharePoint Online with ...
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How to use on premise sharepoint license in Azure/Aws

We are planning on migrating on premises SharePoint 2013 to AWS. AWS provides Bring your own license feature. How we can move this existing license and use in AWS EC2 instances? Can anyone ...
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SharePoint 2013 on-premises migration to AWS with Workflow Manager

We have requirement to move the existing on-premise SP 2013 farm to AWS . We planned to build the SP farm in AWS instances and SQL to AWS SQL RDS We are using Workflow Manager 1.0 and Service bus ...
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SharePoint 2010 migration from on Prem to AWS

In AWS, there is a feature where we can take the VM Snap and deploy that snap in AWS. While doing so, IP address and domain will be changed, When all the VM's (SharePoint App servers and DB Server) ...
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