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The asset picker tool enables authors to more easily find, sort, and view different types of assets that are available on the site.

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Communication sites, Asset Library not available?

Is it correct that in Modern Communication sites, the app Asset library is not there even if you turn on the Team Collaboration Lists feature? I understand Microsoft wants to force you to use Stream ...
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Configuring asset picker for anonymous user

I am creating a public facing web site and part of the project is to allow user to pick excel file from document library for some data calculation. But the problem is whenever some anonymous user ...
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Child selector from table

<div class="content"> <table id="Table" style="width: 100%;"> </table> </div> <button type="button" onclick="add()">Add row</button> ...
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Invoke Asset Picker from JSOM

I have a custom page layout hosting Javascript. In it, I have a text field and a browse button that when clicked should open the SharePoint Asset Picker and subsequently populate the text field with ...
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Browse button issue - Asset Picker

I just did a Backup - Restore of a site collection from one farm to another. On the destination after the restore, the "Browse..." is no longer working - the one that is used to navigate within ...
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Failure to display content of any library when inserting media

I've got the delightful job of managing a SP2010 instance as one of my systems. There are two main 'sites' and for some reason the asset selection section will not display any content (screenshot: ...
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Opening and closing AssetPortalBrowser.aspx in SharePoint modal popup

I am trying to open the "OOB" AssetPortalBrowser.aspx from a page within a SharePoint native modal popup. My aim is to get the selected filename back to the script. So far I was able to open the ...
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AssetUrlSelector Dialog doesn't look like it should

I can't make the AssetUrlSelector Dialog to look the same as in examples that I find throughout the internet. I have simply put a AssetUrlSelector with some parameters just to try it out: ... ...
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How to link to user profile in wiki

I'm looking to add simple links to different users within a wiki article (i.e. "John defined the original request, which was then expanded on my Jane." where John and Jane linked to their profile ...
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How to set a "default folder" to an Asset Picker

I'm trying to create an asset picker which matches my needs. I have the asset picker in my Custom Field and i want it to open the dialog from the List he is in. I wrote down this code: urlSelector = ...
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Select item from popup window and return the url to the parent window

I'm having a tricky problem which I can't solve with the AssetUrlSelector since it won't pass parameters. This code works except for the parameter: <xsl:variable name="CurrentProductCode" ...
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How to use AssetUrlSelector on a specified site collection?

We can get AssetUrlSelector to work on the site collection it is placed in. But how can we get it to use another site collection?
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