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Questions tagged [assets]

A collection of media files — such as image, audio, and video files.

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2 answers

Organization Assets Library in SharePoint 2019 (On-Premise)

Is it posible to create some kind of "Organization Assets Library" in Sharepoint 2019 (On-premise)? Or can someone explain to me what tasks I have to perform so that users can select the ...
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Best approach to embed a video inside on-premises sharepoint team site (non-publishing site)

We have SharePoint 2013 classic team site and it does not have publishing features enabled. now inside the team site we have a Discussion board list, and i want to embed a video inside its body,so ...
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1 answer

It is better to add Videos inside Document libraries or inside Asset libraries, if we want to render them inside modern site pages

I am working on a sharepoint online team site collection which have publishing features enabled. and our client want to be able to upload some videos and to render them inside modern site pages. Now i ...
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4 votes
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I have used SPFX Asset to create Field, Content Type and List for Office 365 Add-in

In my solution Everything working fine except below two things.I have refer this link to create list I am not able to remove title column from List When I go to List Setting I can't see content type ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How to enable asset browser in Add Related Item dialog?

When I click the "ADD RELATED ITEM" link in a task item view (standard task list on standard team site, SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise): I get a very simple "Type URL" dialog, which is not very ...
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creating folder on the site works only from inside the server

I am trying to create a folder on an asset library in SharePoint, while logging from outside the server, and it works fine. Using the same administrator account from inside the server, I was able to ...
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Editing assets on the fly App Model

There are many times when I have a solution deployed and would like to change something in the CSS or JavaScript without having to go through a full deploy again. With Farm Solutions, you can open the ...
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