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Questions tagged [asmx]

An ASMX file is an ASP.NET Webservices Source file

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Recurring Events: SharePoint Online's Lists.asmx Service Not Returning Expected Results

I have the following query which returns some of the recurring events but not all. The query is not returning the items in the correct order, nor is it returning the items after today's date. How can ...
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How to update list with _vti_bin/lists.asmx?

I want to use the updatelist ot updatelistitem function from here. I want to add a counter to the page. And i want to increase it with code. I thought this way would useful for me. I did not find any ...
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Uploading file in a Sharepoint Library with a required lookup field with copy.asmx

I'm trying to upload a file in a document library. I'm doing it with the copy.asmx web service. I've no problem with document libraries that don't contain lookup field. But if the library includes a ...
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SPServices to create list items of a specific content type (i.e. specify the content type)

I'm attempting to use SPServices to create items in a custom list that are of two different custom content types but I can't seem to get it right. If I don't need to specify the content type of the ...
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Sharepoint don't get JSON with IE9

I have a small AngularJS Application in SharePoint 2013, where I get a JSON File from an asmx WS to show. The Application runs fine, except with IE9 on SharePoint. All other Browser don't have any ...
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How to create ClientContext in .asmx web service called from AJAX

i am developing Sharepoint online on-premise app. Almost all my logic and SP objects manipulation is in the c# codebehind(not JS), but now i need to call my already implemented method from js. I ...
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How to use HttpSend activity in 2013 workflow

I'm trying to call a .Net (asmx) web service that takes a UTC date and returns the local date. An input to the web service could look like this: 2015-04-30T23:00:00Z The output from this call will ...
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Custom ASMX Could not create type

I was trying to add my own WebService/asmx to SharePoint 2013. and I got this wonderful error message Sorry, something went wrong An error occurred during the processing of /_layouts/MyFolder/...
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ASMX with SharePoint 2010 and folder structure

I am trying to convert my current application to a SharePoint 2010 site. I have few questions before I start moving stuff from my application to a SharePoint solution. My current web ...
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Unable to trigger workflow

A sharepoint info path form calls this ASMX web service. The webservice inserts items into a sharepoint list like so... item["Area"] = Area; ...
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1 answer

Call asmx service from SharePoint Designer workflow

I am trying to call admin asmx service from SharePoint Designer but am getting an unauthorized error. It require admin credential but I am unable to pass admin credential from SharePoint Designer. ...
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SPUtility.SendEmail returns false when invoked in asmx

I have a function inside an asmx page which needs to send an email, but SPUtility.SendEmail returns false. SPContext.Current is null, so I create an SPSite object with the site url, and from that, I ...
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Upgrade from 2007 to 2010 - broken features

I have been handed a site that was upgraded from 2007 to 2010. When I try to publish a workflow to the site using Sharepoint Designer I receive the error that the formservices.asmx file is missing. ...
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Lists.asmx and List Item Attachments

How would the lists.asmx service be used to add an attachment to a list item with JavaScript File API? I cannot find an example of anything other than copy.asmx for adding documents. Update: Here ...
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How can I pass authentication for asmx service in SharePoint 2013 (Online)?

I found that CSOM API don't allow modifying user profiles properties in SharePoint 2013, but this function is still in asmx user profile service. I know that SharePoint online uses oAuth for ...
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