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Questions tagged [ashx]

ASP.NET Web Handler file

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4 votes
1 answer

C# using REST to update a list item in an ASHX page

We have an existing ASHX page in our 2010 farm that users hit to pull in some RSS data. I'm wanting to do some tracking on the usage of this page. I don't want to IIS log parse for this so my thought ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to get access to http session from ashx http handler in sharepoint 2010+?

If so, do you just have to enable session for sharepoint and then implement IReadOnlySessionState on the handler class? I am on machines where I cannot enable session yet, and was hoping someone who ...
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2 answers

Deploy ashx to _layouts with the solution

I have a ashx file that I need to get into the layouts directory during a solution deployment. I have this file in a mapped folder in VS2010 and works fine in my development environment. When I ...
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2 answers

Why does an ASHX in a virtual directory load instantly when a proper page takes a while to load?

Why does an ASHX in a virtual directory load instantly when a proper SP page takes a while to load after a restart? The ASHX is using the SP Object Model to get and display SP data. By proper SP ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Enable Anonymous Access to Subfolder Containing Handlers

I have a folder in an application that I would like available to the public. For example: /_layouts/Handlers/Public/MyHandler.ashx I found this question that says I should enable anonymous access ...
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2 answers

Broken DatePicker Calendar Popup

I'm having problems with the DatePicker in SP2013. The control shows fine, but the calendar popup is broken because of a missing stylesheet (the complete sprite sheet image is visible etc.). The css ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Error 401 after idle time then AJAX request however still returns results

I have a ashx handler in "_layouts/ihandler/.." in which I make AJAX requests for an in page search. If my page stands still for to long the requests change from 200 to 401 return status, this is ...
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Best Practices / ASHX

We have several public facing SharePoint sites which use a lot of ASHX files. We have a virtual directory where we keep a lot of site assets including the ashx files. I love using ASHX files as they ...
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