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Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service. When used as a question tag, please be sure to describe in your question which APIs are being used.

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Upload multiple files with REST API in document library with custom properties

I am trying to upload multiple documents to the document library, I followed the answer posted on this link, I am able to upload the documents but I have some custom columns in the library, please ...
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Sharepoint 2013 rest api group subtask with respective main task?

Want to display Task and sub-task using the rest api jquery. My query string displays task and sub-task as individual unrelated task.
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Update person or group field using REST API in Document Library

I want to update the Person or Group field in Document Library using REST API. How can I achieve this. Thanks.
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How to get more than one SharePoint list using REST API?

I have created multiple lists in SharePoint 2013. I need to get the multiple list items using REST API call. I have tried the method to get the multiple list items using API within the for loop but ...
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Interpret Search with refiners url query string

After the defult search web part with refiners is loaded, i need to execute the same query in a second moment. I have a complex url to interpret (decoded yet), like this: ...#/Default={"k":"b*","r"...
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Authentication methods for SharePoint REST API

Let's say I work in company AAA and want to automatically upload documents to BBB's company SharePoint Online application using REST API. My email [email protected] is ...
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How to send a "like" or "unlike" command via REST API?

The structure of my REST-API Url is /_api/Web/Lists/GetByTitle('FAQ')/Items. Each item can be liked by users (like in discussion boards). How can I send a "Like" or "Unlike" command via REST?
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How to get version history of item using REST

Very new to SharePoint so I am sure this is a newbie question... I did look at the forums. Here is the command I am using: https://Server/Site/_api/lists/getbytitle('Equipment%20and%20Inventory')/...
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$batch operations on SharePoint 2013 on-premise not working

I need to do bulk inserts and learned that there is the $batch operation in the REST API. I read through this and following and explored ...
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Download sharepoint document with REST as binary file not working for me

First of all, i am using node.js with provider hosted app with elevated rights to do this, no front-end at all. I just want to download a file using the API and then save it. I can't save if the API ...
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Create an item with REST API from workflow - SharePoint 2013

The main idea of this is to create an item from workflow in another list which is located on different site collection. So I thought is it possible to create an item in list with REST API through the ...
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How to Parse GetMyProperties REST Response

This is what the pre-parsed data looks like in the console after querying http://mysharepointsite/_api/SP.UserProfiles.PeopleManager/GetMyProperties?$select=Department : I am trying to get the ...
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Searching Users in AD through REST in sharepoint?

Any ideas on trying to find/search users by id in Sharepoint by a REST query? At the moment I am playing around with the clientside people picker to search for users
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