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Questions tagged [anonymous-access]

A means of allowing access to Internet-available services without requiring authentication of users. Use this tag if your question centers around enabling anonymous access, or seems pertinent to the cause of your issue/question.

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Setup a virtual directory with ASP.NET application under existing SharePoint IIS entry

I come into a difficult situation. We have a SharePoint 2016 on-premise farm with URL Due to restriction on our network, we have to setup an ASP.NET application under it with ...
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Search result not showing in SP 2019 on-premise modern site to anonymous user

The search result does not show when an anonymous user searches in SP 2019 on-premises modern site. Site is fully anonymous access enabled. I have done this literally 100s of times for classic. And it ...
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Anonymous users getting login prompt when they filter SharePoint list

Anonymous user are able to view page(sitepage/main.aspx) in sharepoint 2013 on-premise. (main.aspx contains HTML file, JS file, script editor, list web part called "mydata" with view "...
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Anonymous access icon not visible sharepoint 2010

I have a SharePoint 2010 site that I am trying to enable Anonymous Access on. However, the Anonymous Access icon in the Users and Permissions ribbon is missing so I am unable to complete the steps as ...
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Discussion Board

Good Afternoon, I have a discussion board that I would like to remove the latest reply from being seen. Can someone assist. I have tried multiple views but no getting the option. I have already ...
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Share a file with external users using anonymousAccess by using REST API

After doing some research, I reached out the i can do the following POST request which will allow me to share a file with external users using anonymousAccess using SharePoint REST API:- Method:- POST ...
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Anonymous access for SharePoint Views with Paging and Sorting

I have a SharePoint Publishing site with document library views added , when the anonymous users are trying to do sorting or to move to next page using paging they are prompted for credentials. Is ...
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SharePoint 2019 (on-premises) Modern Search does not show results to anonymous users

I have SharePoint server 2019 (on-premises) Communication site (Modern UI). I have set it up for anonymous access. Anonymous users can view all pages of the site without any issues except for search ...
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SharePoint 2016 Publishing Site with anonymous access asking for Credentials

I have a SharePoint publishing site with anonymous access with domain eg Whenever I request the following URL it is asking me for credentials. The ...
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How to use CSOM, SOAP or Rest API to detect anonymous views of list items for a List?

Let's say I have a SharePoint site with anonymous view enabled for the entire website But I have a List that breaks role inheritance. How do I use CSOM, Rest API or SOAP API to detect if a List has ...
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Options for migrating anonymous InfoPath 2010 form to SP 2016? Nintex? Aspx? JavaScript page?

I've been thrust into an architect role on SharePoint and have zero knowledge on how to best do this migration. We have old SP 2010 InfoPath forms that need to be rebuilt (since InfoPath is no longer ...
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"Specific People" showing up as guest user on SharePoint

When I use my OneDrive and invite specific people, their email addresses show up in the comments, while in SharePoint it says "guest user" as it does with the anonymous link. Does anyone ...
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Anonymous access on SharePoint 2016 site collection not working

I have set up anonymous on the web application level. I have created a new site collection called "X" and enabled anonymous access to the entire site level. But when I am trying to access the site it ...
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Online - User able to upload file with anonymous share link

I'm facing this issue on my SharePoint Online. I've shared a folder with an anonymous link where I disabled edit. In this scenario I don't want to let anonymous users to upload files or create ...
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Anonymous access for Custom List

I have a Custom List which is named as "Enquiry". I required to set the List to anonymous access for my SharePoint Online 2013 Public facing site. Can any one help me to achieve this?
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