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Specify the alternate language(s) that this site will support. Users navigating to this site will be able to change the display language of the site to any one of these languages.

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webpart not detect language change

in our sharepoint website we have page include webpart . site is using 2 language english and arabic IF im login as Anonymous Users: when change from englsh to arabic client side code detect not ...
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Language settings disappeared

I can't find the settings to change my language preferences (SharePoint 2019 server). It happening from September 2020 updated. From my profile page (/person.aspx) I can't find the command to change ...
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Adding new site language via PowerShell

i am trying to add new site languages via PowerShell with this code: $Context = Get-PnPContext $Web = $Context.Web $Context.Load($Web) Invoke-PnPQuery $Web.IsMultilingual = $true $Web....
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Change your language in Multilungal site of share point 2013 (on premises)

how to change your language setting in multilungal site of sharepoint 2013 (On-Premises). kindly do the needful thanks in advance.
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Cannot Change Language in SP 2016

The environment I have consists of two site collections. One site collection is the User's MySite, and another site collection is a general site and subsites used and shared by all users. I've ...
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Setting SharePoint locale / language based on Domain?

We are trying to set the Culture on our sites and initially it seems to have worked but we've noticed that when we navigate to sites and we get the "Working on it" this isn't getting translated to the ...
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Managed Metadata not showing translation in list item column in variation site

I have a managed metadata column for department, which is in English in the base language, and Mexican Spanish is one of the translations loaded for tags. For example, the tag is 'Finance' in the ...
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How to get Choice Fields Choices in alternative language?

Is there a way to get Choice Fields choices in alternative language? I have a web site that is in Swedish and alternative language English. I'm using resource files. The field name is translated ...
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